The machine is supplied with a 1-year warranty on the software and the mechanical and electrical components if properly used. Improper use will void the warranty. Exempt from this warranty are the flexible inflatable heating element which are made of a special kind of silicone. This part is subject to wear and tear as a result of use and will eventually become defective. A replacement will be necessary. The warranty on this initial supplied part is a maximum of 10,000 presses in the first year after purchase the press.

A discount applies for the purchase for a new heating element within that year based on the number of pressings performed. See for the purchase prices the attached table.


Prices and contribution to the costs of purchasing a new heating element based on 10,000 pressings

Number of pressings
% from 10.000
Prijs excl. VAT
0 to 2.500
€ 0,-
2.500 to 5.000
€ 180,-
5.000 to 7.500
€ 335,-
7.500 to 10.000
€ 495,-
10.000 to meer
€ 665,-
Each subsequent membrane
€ 665,-


When moving the machine, the connections of the heating element to the housing must be carefully dismantled. In addition, during transport, the upper part of the clamping press must be disconnected and separately transported and packaged to prevent damage to the heating element. If transported in an incorrect way, the warranty will be void.

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