Our new innovative presses with the flexible silicone heating membrane brings you totally new possibilities for heat transfer on textiles and other fabrics.

Waarom kiezen voor 8barsystems?

  • The flexible silicone heating element consists of 4 zones!
  • Very low energy consumption!
  • Touch activation.
  • A Pre-press touch.
  • Minimize heat reflection and visible pressure surface!
  • A single model can be upgraded to a double table version!

Simple and fast

As an experienced user you will see the huge potential of this technique, but possibly some disadvantages. That why we give an overview of the “pros” and “cons”.

Multizone Heating Element

Cost control

When people see our heat presses in action the first reaction is nearly almost the same: ”Nice idea, but what happens when the membrane is broken?” The bad news first: The membrane will break someday, that’s for sure. The flexible heating membrane is a wearing part and its costs must be mentioned and calculated.

Due to the quick-change system the heating plate can be exchanged in just a few simple steps and be shipped by parcel service so that you can go on with your production without too much delay. We guarantee a performance of 10.000 pressing cycles for the first unit. If we calculate with the average life cycle performance of our membranes, the cost per pressing process for that first unit will be around € 0,04.

Time And Handling

Time is money

Working with our 8barsystems presses guarantees a high level of efficiency and convenience for the user. Thanks to our new heating technology you can press right over button bars, seams or zippers. In most cases you will not need a special tool or bottom plate to applicate your logos on garments.

The fact is that you can place most of the textiles right on the lower plate (size: 350 to 450 mm) This will save you a lot of time. It will give you a better overview to arrange smaller logos exactly at the right place and the right angle.

Just to give an idea, if you safe 20 to 30 seconds per pressing process you will save up to € 0,08 (calculated with an hourly wage of only € 10,00 per hour).

Energy Efficient

Think Green

Our 8barsystems presses are operational in less than 3 minutes! Most of the conventional heat presses with a standard size of 350 to 450mm of 450 to 500mm have an energy consumption between 2.000 and 2.500 Watt or more per hour. Our models “Air Precious Single (APS)” and “Air Precious Double (APD)” have an energy consumption between 350 and 1.600 Watt per hour. The consumption depends on the number of activated zones. If you use only one breast zone to patch little logos on polo shirts for example you will have a significant lower powerconsumption( ̴ 350Watt). On the long run our new heating technology will be of considerable benefit to both the environment and the user ‘s cost savings.

Superior Quality

Heat up your business

As a business person you always try to structure and manage every process:
How much time and money do I save per pressing operation? What kind of extra costs do I have to calculate? We can give you detailed answers to the most of your questions, but the most important question should be: What is it worth to present a better product to your customer?

Our 8barsystems heat press models were designed to preserve and protect sensitive fabrics incl. buttons, seams or zippers and minimize heat reflection and visible pressure surface! Convince quality conscious customers with the highest level of heat transfer application. It’s often the details that make all the difference!

New Skills Needed To Press Heat Transfers

Heat up your skills

Oh ja, voordat we het vergeten. Uw medewerker zal opnieuw moeten leren bedrukken. Transfereren met 3,5 bar is uit de tijd. Wij doen het met max 0,6 bar!

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