Our Air Precious Double (APD) is a semi-automatic 4 zone clamp press with a double table. The body of the machine is similar to our Air Precious Single (APS) press but instead of one extendable front table, it has two sliding tables which can be moved to the left and right, making this model perfect for large production runs.


  • Format: 350 tot 450mm
  • Temprature: 50 tot max 180°C
  • Timer: 0 tot 999 sec
  • Pressure heating membrane: 0,2 tot max. 0,6bar
  • Dimensions in mm: L 920 x W 1120 x H 65
  • Electrical data: 230 V | 50Hz | ~ 1.600 Watt (bij volledig gebruik van alle zones tegelijk)
  • Weight: ~ 70kg

Air Precious Double (APD) suitable for high production!

After setup, using the touch screen and placing the textile on the first bottom plate, you start the process by pushing the bottom plate sideways far most left or right side. The Air Precious Double closes automatically and the heating membrane is filled up with air to guarantee a perfect contact with the fabric and a smooth transfer. Meanwhile, you place the textile on the second bottom plate. After the set time the heat press opens automatically, and you push the second bottom plate sideways to the almost left or right side. Then, the heat press closes, and you start the process again. The textile on the first bottom plate can be removed.

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From double to single table

Every Single table version (Air Precious Single) can be upgraded to a double table version (Air Precious Double)! Even the other way, downgrading, is possible!

  • 60 to 80% less energy consumption
  • Press in zones
  • Printing area minimized to absolutely nothing
  • No more plate changes, this saves time
  • Better positioning of your logo
  • Zippers / buttons under the pressure plate are no problem
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